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Jj D'Onofrio is a photographer, writer and artist from Middleton,WI. His work has been previously shown in Gravel Magazine, covers of Typehouse Magazine, in addition to showing in galleries and other venues throughout Wisconsin. A number of his pieces have been also shown in public art projects in Middleton and Madison,WI.  
His work seeks to unify dream consciousness with waking life, to allow the viewer to stand upon that threshold and consider the validity of both. 

A great philosopher once said, 'We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.' There are three things we can choose to do in life: We can create. We can destroy, or we can sit passively and detached neither drinking in the beauty or challenging injustice in the world. I can not explain much I see in this world and all I can do is invite my dream self into the waking world and see how the dance unfolds. There are no facts and figures to describe who I am today. Tomorrow I will be someone new. The art is a reflection of that.  

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